We have been creating a portfolio for a photo series thats been dubbed “Women & Nature.” The idea is to re-establish our connection to nature & the Divine Feminine, a connection that for too long has been neglected and denied. Women & Nature is a representation of the interconnectedness humanity has with the cycles of nature. One of the main commonalities is the menstrual cycle; an essential natural phenomenon of the female human body. A ritual that is known to align with the moon phases and the reason why we are all here. 

Social isolation has given us the time to realize the cycles of life, and that we are subject to the same oscillating scope of chaos and calm that the rest of nature must always endure. We reconnect to ourselves by passing time in natural spaces, but during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020, we no longer have that same ability to just break out and go to our favorite trails. Instead we are isolated to our own space, and must seek that natural beauty we so desire within. Luckily for us, our yard provided the perfect backdrop to create the illusion of a lush tropical space for us to play & create.

Maybe this backdrop isn’t just an illusion, but instead it is indeed our reality. We are the lucky ones to have a yard in a tropical paradise that would afford us the opportunity to collaborate & create together. As photographers & creatives, we feed our spirits through the process.

Nature has very much suffered the same fate as women across the planet for centuries, being used for her natural beauty, exploited for her resources, trashed and demeaned until this natural beauty is covered in filth and wasted by humanity. Our spiritual & cultural revolution has brought us back to saving our environment, as well as empowering feminine energy to restore balance in our known universe.

We debated the meaning of the Vail for this shoot, and agreed the primary assumption, based on the photo series, would suggest a bride of sorts, even “Nature’s Bride” or “The Vailed Queen.” But ultimately decided the Vail represents a layer of protection, not only from the very real physical dangers & trauma of nature, but also a symbolic barrier that protects us from the chaos of nature & society, casting a beautiful shadow upon those beneath the vail and filtering out the ills we face on a daily basis. 

As we embrace the Divine Feminine, we embrace the empowerment of all life and the will to endure this chaos.

Model: @atabeyofearth



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