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Childish Gambino inspired audiences across America with his music video “This is America.” He  also inspired other countries around the world to make variations of the video as opportunities to be critical of their own countries, governments, and histories. The truth of the video speaks to the minority experience in America, making us confront uncomfortable truths about the history and reality of our country, spot lighting issues from gun violence to the systematic oppression of black and brown people, and how pop culture glances over all of this and the show continues.

It has been a little over two months since the release of the video and there have been several variations of the video, most notably that of Nigeria and most recently that of Iraq. These videos carry particular significance as they highlight the specific troubles faced across each region. With all of this said, we’ll let you decide their deeper meanings.

I-NZ – THIS IS IRAQ (العراق)

This video is a representation of Iraq’s reality over the past 15 years and does not support, promote, nor condone violence in any shape or form. جميع حقوق النشر محفوظة للفنان تشيلدش غامبينو ودار غلاس نوت ريكوردز للإنتاج. الفيديو تعبير للواقع العراقي على مدى خمسة عشرة سنة الماضية ولا يهدف الى دعم أو تسويق أو الاشادة بالعنف بأي شكل.

Falz – This Is Nigeria


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