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An Ode to the Anthropocene


To The Clouds by Zen Mafia

An ode to the Anthropocene & these sacred days of liberation, resurrection, and our responsibility to this Planet. A reminder of where we come from and where we’re headed.

As part of our honoring Earth Day, we are pushing the release of the latest original content created within the belowsealevel.co network. A depiction of our coexistence on this planet, and responsibility to do better by our co-inhabitants or to be met by our demise. The end is nigh, without a radical shift in conscientiousness, embracing principals of sustainability, resilience, and responsibly sourcing our resources, we as a species face dire consequences. The Earth has & will continue to exist for billions of years, and all of the plants and animals will find a means to adapt, yet humans, with our advanced civilization are still susceptible to the changing climate and conditions on this planet. We’ll either adapt, leave, or die, but however it plays out, the Earth will continue on.

Producing this video was an interesting process to say the least. After creating the song & developing the story line, the artists, both the music producer & illustrator shared thoughts and ideas of how to depict the reality that we face. As this is their first animated video together, we see the blossoming of what could be some impactful story telling through the medium of music videos.

Operating as storyline consultant, we look forward to the opportunity to develop more content like this.

Music by Zen Mafia

Illustration by Maya Christian


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