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10 Years Ago: Activism & The Movement

During the DNC in 2008, our Chief Operator was taken into police study during a demonstration in Civic Center Park.

10 years ago, we were engaged in activism, inspired, coordinating demonstrations for the DNC in 2008 for the progressive movement in America. We spent over 6 months planning our actions, networking with organizations, even running a Colorado tour for Dead Prez to secure their presence at our demonstrations. We also hosted a free show with Public Enemy that rocked a sold out crowd at the Boulder Theater. We put so much of ourselves into these demonstrations, and still, we got our assess kicked, arrested, and faced bogus charges from the Denver police.

We were in our last year of college at CU Boulder. The demonstrations took place in the first week of classes. We worked full-time, and were full-time students, but we still made time for what we saw as the spark to light the fire of protest and progress that we felt our country so desperately needed. Up to this point, we had successfully created a production company who’s primary objective was to throw epic parties as fund raisers for different causes and non profits. We also facilitated growing the facebook group responsible for the moving the 4.20 demonstration on campus from Farrand Field to Norlin Quad. We even supported Colorado State Senator Steve Fenberg when he first got his start as a grassroots organizer with New Era Colorado.

In 2008, during the planning and preparations process for the DNC, we hosted a Colorado tour with hiphop legends Dead Prez. This foto was taken moments after arriving at the venue with the artists, Hyping the crowd, car keys still in hand, for the Duo to take the stage.

The day before the arrest, I was on the bus from Boulder to Denver, reading this book, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” that my sister had recently given me. Little did I realize I would meet the author of this book, Jeff Chang, that day, and do a full interview representing the organization we were supporting.

Photo Courtesy B-Fresh Photography

All of this aside, we still had to stand trial, and deal with another arrest on our record. Soon after, the Occupy Movement began, and then the balance shifted with the Tea Party movement. Now we live in a world where “Unite the Right” is synonymous with white supremacy, which is condoned by the President of the United States.

The progress we made has endured, having worked with New Era Colorado, and now Colorado State Senator Steve Fenberg, we know that the work we did from 2005-2009 in Boulder Colorado, was, in part, responsible for the shift in conscious we’ve seen in our country since. We were advocates for the legalization of Marijuana, engagement in the political process, fund raising voter registration campaigns as well as Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts, and highlighting the different social, political, and environmental issues of the time.

The main lesson we’ve learned is that our mission continues, as we’ve chosen a life long path for creating a progressive society. Now we focus on media, client acquisition, and hyperlocal opportunities to make a difference.


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